Friday, May 22, 2009

heeeerrreeeessss some cool pick-torals

Well its a Friday, I should be on Jackson Square makin some mew-knee, but its one those rainy days, so I'm not. Instead I have decided to post a bunch of pictures.

So I really enjoy doing these large up close of face kinda paintings, actually the first painting I ever sold was one like this, I called it Ruggus (when I find the file I'll upload it). The one on the right is called "Snag it..." and the left is called "Weight'd Under Electric Blue Rain" both are 2ft by 2ft. On "Snag it..." I used wood stain to give that tanned skin look. Funny thing about "Weight'd Under Eletric Blue Rain" is I painted it with my dogs chew toy...interesting I thought.

"Trans-For-Mation" is about 22" by 30" (-ish I dont remeber the exacts) its acrylic on canvas with a bunch of polyurthane play goin on in there. Sold this is to my main man Lance Varg, he's a pretty damn good folk artists out of New Orleans who is also a happy owner of two (including this one) paintings of mine. I got one of his, oh yeah baby. This one has a pretty bitch'n frame that has similar colors as the envirmonet of this piece. The texture on this one is pretty wicked, when you burn wet acrylic paint it snap crackles and pops into some lovely texture and really brings the physicality of the painting up a notch.

This piece is a master study of one of my favorite painters Clive Barker. Dude's the shit no doubt. If you haven't seen his paintings, you should feel depreived because they're straight up awesome. This is actually my second study of one of his works, its called "The Asonists" its 22" by 30" (his painting is like 4ft by 5ft). I attacked this painting with the ferociousness of a Veloca Raptor, scratchings and smeers engluf this painting just as the flames dance around the man's body. This is piece is more of a translation then a copy because I could never paint as well as Barker does so I added my own twist on it, putting a bit of my personality into it. Every time I do a study of one of Barker's works it always helps me better understand the handling of paint. I included two smaller detail shots of the club (which I like to think is an old chair leg) and his face.

"Louisiana Woman, Mississppi Man" is a piece inspired by my mother and her new found love David (she being the Louisiana Woman and he being the Mississippi Man). He is a pretty country fella, but good for my mother, she just got divorced from a horid creature of man by the name of Tyrone Kemper (if you ever see him make sure you spit in his general direction, he is a low disgusting person but enough of that) this piece is 2ft by 3ft, its on a piece of aluminum and was shot with several shotgun shells then I drizzled polyurthane over it and burnt it. This is actually one of my favorite piece but never have I gotten so many "oh I can do that" type of comments, but fuck those people, I sold this piece and my "Pictorial Dope-Ah-Mean" to a nice little lady from San Antonio. My favorite aspect of this piece is the reflective quality the metal has, when the piece is hung in a room with normal ceiling lighting, the warped metal and gun shot wounds force the light into a magical trance of hidden wonders. Even more so when the light has a ceiling fan attached to it, as the fan spins around the shadows fall on the piece causing it to pulsate with the signs of life, blinking glares into the viewers eyes.

"Spring Crested Flowers" about 3ft by 2ft, acrylic and ink on canvas. This guy was a colberation I did with my roommate up in Memphis that goes by the name Mark Waguespack ( but I call him M. Wag). I think this is a pretty bitch'n painting, the colors are soothing, I have a mixture of my burning of rain drop technique in the back ground, the flowers are handled in a heavy impasto way, it have a nice balance, but other then that its pretty boring, I mean its old lady bought this....I think that sums it up there....

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