Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some more older stuff

Okay this one is called "Up in Dope-Ah-Mean Flames" its about 3ft by 3ft. Sold it to a nice woman in New Orleans during French Quarter Fest

This one is called "OverWhelming Dope-Ah-Mean" 3ft by 3.5ft. One day I'm going to figure out a good way to take pictures of these paintings/wall sculptures, you can see in the holes threw the canvas the St. Louis Cathedral behind Jackson Square.

This is actually a picture that the buyer of this painting sent me. I lost my camera for awhile and wasn't able to take pictures of my work for quite a few paintings. But this one is called "Caught in a Spring Rain" its about 3ft by 2.5ft acrylic on canvas, thanks again to the nice couple from Dallas (i think it was) for the purchase and the picture!

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