Tuesday, May 26, 2009

some new Puh-Ain-Tings

"The Jumper"
16in by 22in
acrylic and ink on canvas

Well I'm going to start this post off with a picture that I created with the ultimately groovy Mr. Matt Ryan. He, being the illustrator that he is, illutrated this piece and I painted it. I love the way the scratches swirl around the canvas with the curiosity of a lion as they play off the harsh black inked contour lines, fun stuff I belive. Much love out to Nicole who purchased this work (the title I wrote on the back is way better then just "the jumper" but ah...I cant remeber it lol)! Oh and this, even though its the first, will not be the last time Sir Ryan and I work on a piece together.

"Silence Between Songs" 2ft by 4ft acrylic on canvas
with two detail shots

Next in line for your viewing pleasure is a piece I like to call "Silence Between Songs." This piece has a great texture covering the surface; when the acrylic paint was wet I brought in my blow torch over it to burn and pop the paint. The woman's body is covered with a series of scratches that seem to devour the burnt and aged body while the face stands clear and youthful with only the whites of her eyes leading the viewer to belive she may indeed be a souless winch, but is she? The only way to tell if this beauty is a truely kind spirit is to listen to the silence between her songs....

"You Can't Keep that up Forever..."
2ft by 2ft acrylic on canvas

This fella here is another one in my Face seriese. To me he seems like a faker, putting on the face that people want to see, not enjoying it at all. No one ever wants to have to fake their emotions, and when you do you can't keep it up forver. If you notice under his right eye (the eye on our left) is a small blob of paint that I didn't notice until a couple came by (before they purchased my "Portrait of Anthony" woo woo) and the lady remarked how it looked like a tear of blood. Maybe it is, maybe this guy has been putting on a mask for so long that it is starting to effect him. Oh and the back ground is covered with glitter so it sparkles in the sun.

"Loosely Dope-Ah-Mean"

2ft by 2.5ft burnt canvas on a burnt wood frame

Here is another installment of Dope-Ah-Mean, I have three more that I did but the pictures didn't turn out as well as this one so maybe I'll post em later. I think im starting to get a better grasp on photographing this suckers but only time will tell. I feel like this series is leading me somewhere, where that place is... I don't yet know. But I do know that getting there is exciting and each new Dope-Ah-Mean I create teaches me something new.

"Devil Mann"

16in by 22in

acrylic on canvas

This guy is kinda evil looking....okay he is totally evil looking. I feel like the Devil Mann represents the opposite side of "You Can't Keep That Up Forever...", he doesn't fake his joy, he has no joy, knows not the pleasures of life but only the delight of paint and misery. He is a liar, full of deceit and disgust. He represents an emotion that is okay to vist but never vacation in. Everyone feels this way at some point but only the few heartless people stay there never returning to rejoice elsewhere.

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