Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ch-Ch-Check it outtt

Burnt Under a Sacked Moon
3' by 4'
acrylic and polyurthane on canvas

Sorry about that shitty glare on the picture but its the only one I have of this image. This piece led to alot of information about how to play with polyurthane and different stains on canvas. The figure is handled in a heavy impasto way so the texture is thick as mud. Man I just really wish that damn glare wasn't there. Oh this painting was my mom's mother's day gift.

Self Portrait-alla prima

9" by 16"

acrylic on paper

This is a little self portrait I did the other day with some left over paint on my pallet. It was fun, I dig it cause hey its me!!

Womanly Instinct
18" by 26"
acrlyic on canvas

Well if any of you stumbled upon my blog via my buisness card this image may look familiar. It is the first wolf woman I did and was a christmas present to me mummy. She has a big thing for werewolves so it was fitting. This is a kinda shitty picture of the painting, sorry.

Distorted Portrait of Kunjal Shroff

30" by 50"

acrylic and ink on canvas

This came from a blind contour drawing/watercolour I did in my sketchbook of my friend Kunjal. I think the original drawing lost something in the translation but still turned out pretty cool i think. That scarf is pretty bitch'n I must say.

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