Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oooh yeahhh

Portrait of Megan
25" by 36"
acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

Well continuing my natural perception series when I paint with out my glasses or contacts on. This one is swirling with scratches and expressive marks from the oil pastel. I find this image a bit unsettleing for some reason, I dont know why...but at the same time I really enjoy this one. I'm making a nice little frame of burnt wood w/ a nice pecan glaze on it, I just hope it turns out and doesn't make the painting look bad!

Study of Barker's Woman Taken by a Demon
25" by 36"
acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

This is another study of a Clive Barker piece. The original is all oil pastel, didn't know that till after I did the piece. The two figures seem locked in either a sexual embrace or perhaps the demon is being taken down by the woman hmmm things to ponder upon...

Experimental Portrait
20" by 28" (ish)
acrylic and oil pastel on wood panels

This piece is made up of a bunch of, roughly, 3" by 3" panel squares. Each is stacked on top of each other, so when you look at the piece at an angle the image is distorted. This is the second piece like this I've done, the first I sold to a nice little senorita from Houston. I'm not sure if this one is done yet....we'll see...if I do anything else to it ill be sure to update with the newest piece

Unable to Resist
16" by 22''
gesso, ink and polyurthane on canvas

This guy now belongs to a nice young lady from San Antonio. She bought three of my pieces, this piece plus "Pictorial Dope-Ah-Mean and "Mississippi Man, Louisiana Woman" so I think that makes her my biggest fan! haha well maybe 2nd biggest behinde my mom...

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