Monday, June 1, 2009

Painting machine!!

Portrait of Whitney

2ft by 2ft

acrylic on canvas

Here is another in my natural perception series. This one is of my beautiful young lady friend Whitney Ball. It's so strange how with out my contacts or glasses on all I seem to see are strange blurs and shapes of colour. I feel like this painting represents a solid progression in the series.

Beside the Dreams of a Child

2ft by 4ft

acrylic and polyurhane on canvas

This is a strange piece. It began looking nothing like the finial image shown. The child lays at the bottom of the composistion to give a feeling of insignificance to the overwhelming scratches above him (or her I suppose). The scratches are done on a black ground over which I glazed with layers of blues and purples, all of which are heavily saturated with some mars black. Over the scratches, in certain areas, I coated with a thick layer of polyurthane. The poly adds a nice heavy gloss to the areas, so when the light hits the piece at an angle the glare makes the images come to life even more. It also allows certain areas to breath heavier then others. This one is pretty creepy I think, but still pretty damn cool to loose yourself in!

Awak'n to a New Light

2ft by 3ft

acrylic on canvas

This piece came from a conversation with another artist by the name of Heather Petterson. She spoke to me of meditation and becoming self aware. I'm not one that's into all that jazz persay but I do belive one can become enlightened through self exploration. Sometimes you have to come out of the ground and take yourself apart before your eyes can truely see what the path before you leads to.

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