Monday, June 22, 2009

woes of the moon day

These are two shots of the Portrait of Megan with the burnt wood frame around it. I think it turned out pretty damn nice if I do say so myself! Sorry about the shadow from the frame on the work but oh well

Fight or Flight

acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

2' by 2'

With this piece I wanted to show movement within a single image. The face changing from one emotion to the other. I used modleing paste to create the surface texture then applied glazes of acrylic paint over which I used oil pastel to bring out the texture even more. I totally forgot to get a picture with the guy that bought this one...I gotta start remembering that.

Contours of Joel

acrylic with soft and oil pastel

16" by 24"

This began as a blind contour of my friend Joel Doney as we talked and drank coffee. I don't really have much to say about this piece other then I enjoy looking at the loose line work and contained bits of colour.

Study of Clive Barker's "Mater Motley"

acrylic, soft pastel and oil pastel

30" by 48"

This is another Clive Barker study. It was commissioned by the two fellas in the picture with me and the painting. I want to start getting picture of the people I sell to but...I usually forget...yeah... They are also the owners of one of my other Barker studies "The Arsonist." The red enviroment behind the figures is covered with scatches and markings of soft pastels. The photo doesn't show em that well so I have a detail shot that I manipulated in attempt to show the layers of sgraffito on one part of the canvas.

Mamma, I don't know your name...
acrylic and woodstain on
2' by 2'

...But I can still play your game
acrylic and woodstain on canvas
2' by 2'

This two (plus another that isn't done yet) were painted yesterday out on Jackson Square in the BLAZING heat. They are apart of my face series (working title). Layers of paint were drizzled onto the canvas, one on top of the other, then washes of acrylic paint and woodstain were applied between some of the layers. I think what I love most about these piece are the sides of the canvas, the drizzled paint seems to almost melt from the image and down their sides so when it is hung on a wall the dripping edges push the image off...its pretty damn cool I must say. When the next painting is done I'll be sure to post it!!

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  1. Comment: "Fight or Flight". I love this..I'm not sure why. But I sketched it out. I was wondering if you would mind if I took this and re-created with oil pastel on a 6ft by 6ft canvas, of course, it'd be a little different..but I thought I'd ask before I did it. P.S. You are a man with great skills.. (: