Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some cool sheet, man

Okay so these are a few new paintings I've done with a few pics of the people who now have some Josh Duncan living on their walls!

Portrait of Monica Gehrig

acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

2ft by 3ft

This is the 6th in my Natural Perception series. My friend Monica Gehrig was kind enough to sit and let me stare at her for a few hours. I'm glad she did because this painting came out wonderful. Monica has a blue-ish vibe to her so I think the painting captures an enjoyable quality about her. I'm not sure what the woman's name is who bought the piece, but she fell in love with it as well. If I remember correctly she said its going to soon hang over her baby grand piano, sounds like a nice home for this piece!

This piece was painted on an old shelf I found. I stripped it and painted a New Orleans style funeral on it. I liked it, but I didn't get a better picture of it before this nice couple bought it.

This lady bought my favorite painting that I've made in a while, "The Portrait of Megan Sellstorm." She is bringing it back to Washington D.C. I believe. I look stupid in this picture because I was shocked she bought it. She just came up and asked the price and before I finished saying it she said "I'll take it!" I also think its funny that two pictures were being taken at once here, one from my camera and one from hers so we're both looking at our own camera...I think its funny.

Birth of the Archlings

acrlyic and sharpie on canvas

3ft by 2ft

This is the painting of the birth of the Archlings. There are these massive fields of flowers growing all over the place that are surrounded by a dense forest. In the fields Archlings with flowers on their heads walk around and pluck up the new flowers when they are ready. Then after they work the fields for awhile their flower falls off and they join Archola, the city in the surrounding trees.

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