Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Conceptual Self Portraits

This is a painting of my dog, Puzzles.
This paintings is based off David Hume's idea of there being no concept of self. Instead we are a serious of experiences not linked together. In this painting I'm playing with that concept by having a series of my face, each was a full portrait of myself in the moment but as the experience passes the portraits melts back into a blob of fleshiness that I proclaim would be the consciousness that backs up our experience. The back ground represents memory of past events.

This is painted on a stack of 7 books. The books are glued together and are able to be hung. The image is of myself nursing a baby version of myself as a mother nurses her child. At a certain point a mother can not take care of the child as he/she grows up and at that point the child must take care/nurse themselves. The image is on the spines of books to represent knowledge, nursing ones self with knowledge

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