Monday, April 12, 2010

French Quarter Fest

Thanks to all these great people, and the others I didn't get a picture of. For buying some good ole Josh Duncan paintings!

These are some paintings I did for the festival this year. Some of them are pretty cool I must say.

This one is a diptych I call "Spring's Release." Both canvases are 2x2ft, and acrylic latex. I do enjoy painting my little Archilings indeed.

This little guy is a funky little possum just hanging out. Acrylic on canvas, 16" by 20"
I call this one "Monica's Modern Music." It is a portrait of my friend Monica, whom I have painted before. Its 2' by 3 ' acrylic on canvas. I feel like its not quite done yet, when/if I work on it more I'll be sure to update.
"Half Life Alex" 18" by 24" acrylic on canvas. This is based off a blind contour drawing of my fellow peer Alex Barton. I've done them for a color studies class and decided to enlarge it and play around with it a bit for this painting. It doesn't really look like him but that doesn't matter.
Oh the Dope-Ah-Mean. This one is "Dope-Ah-Mean: Artificial Honey" 2' by 3' burnt canvas on burnt wood frame. I think this may be one of my favorite Dope-Ah-Mean of the series, I have a large 6ft by 4ft one in mind...soon soon.
This one is along my werewolf painting series I've been exploring, I call it "Gentleman." Its about 18" by 24" (or something I can't remember). The back ground has bits of collage paper in it the rest is acrylic. I like the use of the drizzles black contour line. I want to explore that more so.
This is a 2' by 3' painting based on my Isis illustration. I decided not to include Osiris from the illustration in this painting. I'm not sure its done yet. I may want to go over the acrylic with some pastels, not sure yet.

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