Thursday, June 24, 2010

A few more recent things

I haven't updated this blog in a mintue or so. I had to move then, got sick, then went on a road trip but anyways here are a few paintings and patron pictures.

This one is apart of my Natural Perception series (paintings with out my glasses or contacts in, hence my natural perception) it is of Megan Sellstrom, this is the second painting in the series I have done of her. It is 2ft by 3ft, acrylic on wooden board and I topped it with epoxy.

This a commissioned piece for a couple up around Chicago. I called it Dope-ah-Mean: Blood Brain Barrier. It is 3ft by 4ft, the piecture is kinda lame of it though.

This piece I call Unification. It is 2ft by 3ft acrylic on wooden panel and topped with epoxy.

This is a picture of the patrons of my largest Dope-Ah-Mean yet. I call it Dope-Ah-Mean: Artificial Meat. It is 4ft by 6ft, I have a better picture of just the piece but I have to find it.

This is the 3rd painting this fella has purchased from me, oh returning customers!

This is a picture of the patrons of a colab piece between myself and Miss Sarah Jenkins. I didnt mean to be smoking while the picture was being takin, but it looks pretty bad ass. haha


  1. I like the idea behind your Natural Perceptions series. I think it's a perfect idea to do pieces without your glasses or contacts. Awesome idea. You should definitely do more like it.

  2. thanks michael, yeah ive always thought about how i would be an artist if i didnt have glasses/contacts, i'd probably work on like tiny manuscripts or something. Then I decided to use my shitty vision and try to make something from it.