Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Study for a Southern Crucifiction

So I haven't updated the blog in a few weeks so I will take this time to sum up whats been going on with my art lately. I finished college and moved back down to New Orleans. I have been having the problem of not knowing what type of paintings I want to make. I feel like I have learned how to think about art and how to criticize art but I'm not sure if I know what type of art I want to make. So with this toggling in my mind I took on a side job of building a 14x20ft shed with about ten foot walls, of which I will be sure to post pictures of when it is done, and I have been enjoying abstract paintings. Just playing with flows of paint and reactions of that sort. I've been trying to draw in my sketchbook more and I will get a scanner soon to up load some drawings. I want to free myself with representational and objective picture making and focus more on non-objective abstract work.

This is a tryptic that I call "Study for a Southern Crucifiction." Each is about 24' by 36' on canvas. They are a play of different canvas staining techniques I've read about and experimentation of stains and different chemicals with oil and acrylic paint.

I have been taking pictures here and there of paintings I've done since I finished the Punic War paintings (those paintings are actually in my studio facing the wall still) and I will post them when I can find them. ha

Anyways stay tuned for more active updating!!


  1. these are great. it feels like the inside of a body or deep space.

  2. thanks! the pictures are kinda bad with a slight glare but it happens. A guy in FL bought them to hang in a bar, I wonder how that will turn out.