Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dope-Ah-Mean: Battle of Zama

This piece is 3ft by 5ft. This is the first Dope-Ah-Mean I've done with pieces of stained canvas woven across the frame. I posted shots from different angles, the left and right, and some detail shots. I think this is the best photographed piece from this series yet. It is difficult to capture the wall space coming through, these pieces have a sculptural aspect in person with the wall coming through the gaps. The name comes, again, from my interest in the Punic Wars. The Battle of Zama was Hannibal's final battle in the valley of Zama outside of Carthage where he was defeated by Scipio Africanus.

This is a shot of the painting in its new home! I believe it looks quite stunning against that ochre color behind it. Thanks again to the Wozny's interest in this painting!

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