Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meditation Upon a Pale Green Horseman

As I have been exploring abstract painting through my "study" series I have began to learn different methods of application. I work on these large paintings consecutivly, experimenting on one canvas, learning from that reaction and then trying to repeat it again differently and so on. This piece pictured below has developed beyond the "study" series into a fully completed work. This is the first piece I have done that I did not have to frame a smaller section of the canvas, I used the entire piece that I worked on for the final result. This painting begins what I refer to as the "Meditations" series. This series will consist of only the finest of abstractions that break apart from the "Studies." I continue to name the pieces based on my interests due to the fact that, especially with abstract work, a title of a painting has no final impact on the image itself. I find this to be true because our minds react to imagery faster and more directly than words. Therefore each viewer will be impacted seperately. This title comes from my interest in Christian Mythology.

"Meditation Upon a Pale Green Horseman"
60" by 46"

detail shots

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