Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dope-Ah-Mean: Artificial Fractionation

This piece furthers my Dope-Ah-Mean paintings and begins to push further the "Fractionated" sub-series (these are the Dope-Ah-Mean pieces that comprise of multiple frames connected, not just a single rectangle/square frame). Again with these paintings I find it difficult to figure out how to light and photograph them. The photos below come from two different set up of lighting. Also I added a NEW footer at the bottom of the blog page of me trying to light this piece.

Dope-Ah-Mean: Artifical Fractionation
56" by 71"
burnt canvas, wood and oils


Also coming up soon a Dope-Ah-Mean piece will be shown at the Trouser House
on St. Claude in NOLA. The show lasting from October 22 thru November 30th, and is apart of the Prospect 2: Satellite Projects.

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