Monday, February 13, 2012

Mythology Painting

These are the first figurative painting's I've done since I graduated in May from MCA. They are about creation/prehistory myths. I wanted to keep them white and almost ghost like. The pictures I took of them do not capture the subtle color changes of the warm/cool white color play.

I was invited by Byrdie's Gallery here in New Orleans to participate in an upcoming group show. At the time I had the idea to start a painting series about Creation myths. So with a deadline I set out to make the paintings. The paintings are all acrlyic and ink on canvas.I tried to maintain a balance between the ink lines that describe form and using color to create forms.I still want to put some impasto oil to create a bit more textured surface. But, as usual with my desires to use oil paints, the deadline did not leave enough dry time. I hope to do more paintings about myths in the future. The show will be up until March 6th after that I plan to do a layer of oil on the paintings then re-photograph them with some detail shots. In the pictures of the show at the bottom of this post you can see that I framed the paintings. First frames I've made but I think they help with the presentation of such white paintings.

Adam:In the Presence of the Lord
Eve:With One Line, She Became Woman
24" by 52" each

Cronus: Devouring Child, Archaic Thoughts of Power
46" by 36"

Atlas: Holding the Sky
24" by 36"

Pictures of the show at Byrdie's Gallery


  1. I really love "Adam:In the Presence of the Lord" The idea is very clear in the imagry. but, the strangeness of all the pieces above leave room to question and look deeper into them. The man/goat foot in the lower left hand side is very pretty. With out any message required I love the way that leg and the hoof look down there coming out from behind the white cloth or wind or what every that is.