Monday, February 13, 2012


These are sketches for a series of paintings based on different myths that I've been interested in lately, specificly creation myths/myths that describe prehistorical events. The myths that tell where man came from, why/how we are different than other animals, how we came into being and all of those type of human existance questions. I've been mostly affected and interested in Greek classical mythologies and, being raised Baptist, Christian Mythology. So in the tradition of Greek myths I want to reflect these stories in the image of Man but combined with animal parts.

The first is of the Greek titan Cronus devouring his child. The last two are of the first man and woman from the Biblical creation myth, Adam and Eve.


  1. ya know...these drawings may be more vibrant then the paintings.

    I dig both but this is worth exploring.

  2. Yeah, it has always been a struggle for me to capture the motion and feel of an 8x10inch sketchbook page in a larger painting.

    But yes I plan on seeing how this series will take form.

    ps thanks for the comments!!