Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dope-Ah-Mean:Fractionated Azeotrope

This painting is apart of my deconstruction series Dope-Ah-Mean. Unlike some of my earlier Dope-Ah-Mean pieces, which consist of entirely burnt canvas, this piece is created from a painted canvas. I began this piece by mixing different chemicals (thinners, fillers, etc) with oil paint, exploring the natural properties of the oil, as with the Study series. I wanted to focus specifically on the natural flow of thinned paint. I then cut the canvas along the flowing lines that were created and wrap it along a burnt frame I have made. The frame, as with the Fractionated pieces, is made out of 1x4s, 1x3s and 1x2s, so the shadowing effect is allowed to create dufferent levels behind the strips.

With this piece I wanted to capture a balance between visual activity and visual rest.  The Dope-Ah-Mean paintings become very busy, especially with a heavy lighting. To balance this I have introduced a large solid portion. This area, especially with the organic flow of the oil paint, creates an area of rest for the viewer's eye. The balance of this area against the woven sections of strips allows a visual narrative to be formed. The pull between protagonist and antagonist is apparent in nearly all narratives (movies, novels, comics, games, any story pretty much). This painting, however, has been compltely stripped of a narrative by the lack of objective representation. Since the narrative portion of the painting is removed, this struggle for balance occurs between the areas of activity and the area of rest.

Dope-Ah-Mean:Fractionated Azeotrope
burnt oils on canvas and wood
50" by 68"

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