Thursday, May 3, 2012

Drawings of Plants and Dogs

Here are some sketchbook drawings I've been doing lately. At first I was using ballpoint pen and crayons. Then my order of my favorite pen nibs (C-1 and 3) arrived in the mail so the drawings started to become more inky. These are drawings of house plants around my living room. I find the patterns of tropical foliage plants very intriguiging. The pattern becomes interesting and, well, fun to draw. The flowers are gladiolus and sunflowers I have drawn were grown by my beautiful girlfriend Sarah Megan in her garden.

And these are some drawings of my dogs!


  1. the plants are great. etching time. ACID and METAL.

  2. Thanks! I never was able to take any print making classes in school, I always stuck with drawing/painting/illustration classes. But I would love to learn how etching skills!