Thursday, September 27, 2012


These are some more recent Dope-Ah-Mean pieces. I am trying to really embrace the wood working elements of the series. Bring out more of the skeletal aspect of the frames while trying to break the traditional rectangular shape that most paintings have (in the Dope-Ah-Mean series I refer to these as Fractionated). These pieces consist entirely of oil painted canvas from the Study series.

Dope-Ah-Mean: Fractionated Hydrogen Cyanide
Burnt canvas, oils and wood  47" x  35"   

Dope-Ah-Mean: Fractionated Zinc Oxide
Burnt canvas, oils and wood   27" x 31"

Dope-Ah-Mean: Fractionated Titanium Dioxide
Burnt canvas, oils and wood   26 " x  24"

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