Friday, November 16, 2012

Abstract Studies inspired by a Forest

 Before these large green paintings I've been making recently I rarely used the color. I took a trip this past summer to the Appalachian area in east Tennessee. While camping around I wanted to focus on some plein air paintings, trying to look at the colors and match it with the paint. This made me really focus on the way the light would pass through the green summer canopy. This experience coupled with seeing Mallory Page's large green paintings at the 2012 White Linen Night show last fall began my interest in making these paintings. Page's "Treehouse" series captured a beautifully concealed openness that the canopy gives.  Something I am trying to achieve in my paintings.

Study of an Appalachian Canopy
oil on canvas
20" by 60"

Study of Appalachia to the Gulf
oil on canvas
24" by 36"

  Study of an Alchemy Forest
oil on canvas
58" by 42"

This is an "in-action" shot of the painting process. These paintings are apart of my "Study" series in which I am exploring both the nature of non-objective painting as well the chemical nature of the oils. I am mixing different oil based thinners (xylene, acetone, etc.) with different types of oil fillers (linseed, sunflower, walnut oils) as well as different types of pigments. I work the paintings horizontally allowing the paint to swirl, re-creating the organic flow of a liquid.



  1. also, these are quite beautiful. like your beard.

  2. ha! thank you. All my paintings reflect the beard. Nothing sucks more than trying to comb out dried oil paint from the beard.